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Curtiss Wright Surface Technologies is a leading global supplier of material treatments technologies to improve the performance and life of critical components. Its global network includes over 70 operating divisions as well as specialist onsite teams.

Curtiss Wright Surface Technologies is a company that has been based on Glenn Curtiss' unique legacy and the Wright brothers. They have a long history of innovative solutions and trusting customer relationships.

OEMs have used our surface treatments in many industries, including aerospace, automotive and oil & gas subsea.

We understand the logistics and costs that our customers face and can provide a "One Stop Shop" solution. This includes Engineered coatings, Thermal spray coatings, Controlled Shot and Laser Shock peening as well as Engineered coatings.

Solutions to Problems
Failure of a component is often due to a series of events. These events can start with the design of the material, the manufacturing process and assembly, including heat welding and grinding. Also, machining and distortions of the part from bending, rolling, or forging.

Service conditions can also lead to part failure. This includes variations in temperature and environment, uneven, high, or low cyclic loads, stress profile, compression and torsion, as well as foreign objects damage. It is important to match the maintenance requirements of the component with its operating conditions and environmental environment to minimize the effects of wear and ageing.

Curtiss Wright Surface Technologies supports every stage of manufacturing, from design and manufacture to in-service maintenance and repair of components. This increases the strength and performance and reduces downtime.

Ben Hayes
+44 (0)1635 279621
Curtiss - Wright, European Corporate Office, Hambridge Lane, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 5TU.
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