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Atlas Copco Rental UK - A leading provider of temporary power, steam, steam, and nitrogen.

Atlas Copco Rental UK offers equipment suitable for every stage of an offshore windfarm construction project. This includes oil-free compressed gas for seabed preparation and compact power generators to fit on your turbine platform without affecting operations. Our ISO 8573-1 class zero oil-free compressors are an outstanding choice for critical applications such as noise reduction and vibration reducing curtains. Our 100% oilless compressors eliminate any oil that could cause a flammable situation. They also help to avoid platform shutdowns.

Our equipment has been designed, manufactured, tested, and certified to ISO-1217 standards. Additionally, we have state-ofthe-art control and monitoring equipment that ensures optimal performance. We also make it easier to follow up on field issues via internet, satellite and mobile networks.

We can support a variety of applications, such as:

* Seabed preparation, seismic surveying
* Piling: Bubble curtains, instrument air
* Transport barges and airlift operations
* Cutting during decommissioning
* Subsea clean-up and demolition
* Water jetting or blasting
* Back-up power
* Specialist Technicians (GWO Certified).

Atlas Copco Rental UK gives you more than just a machine. Every rental includes outstanding service to meet your needs. Our sales team will help you design the perfect equipment and provide routine maintenance from our skilled technicians to ensure your project runs smoothly. We are there for you 24/7.

With our triple ISO certification, we are able to provide the highest quality, environment-friendly and safety assurance.

+44 (0)1382 778999
Pearce Avenue, West Pitkerro Industrial Estate, Dundee, DD5 3SS.
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