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G500QX Scania Power Solution
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Read how the G500QX Scania engine gave solution to Brightstar's critical power problem JCB Power Products Scania Engine Supports Business 2 Rs

UK-based BFM Staffs Ltd is a renowned multi-service electrical company that provides a wide range of facilities management services for clients large and small throughout the UK. For client, Brightstar, this included the supply and commissioning of stand-by power at the company’s large offices in Crewe, Cheshire.

As the UK arm of the world’s largest specialised wireless distributor a reliable back-up power solution is critical. Loss of data in the event of a power failure would be hugely detrimental in the fast paced working environment - which involves working with the major mobile phone brands. BFM Staffs prides itself on supplying the best solution for clients. At the Brightstar site an additional unit was hired in to ensure power could be supplied to all essential services in the event of a failure. However, the latter proved to be an expensive solution. Mick Burgin, MD at BFM Staffs, therefore looked for a new generator capable of providing full power to the whole site if necessary.

Having undertaken work for JCB Broadcrown he obtained a quote for one of the company’s new range of plug and play generators; the 500kVA G500QX from dealer Gunn JCB. A deal for the unit, which was specified with an Automatic Transfer2 Switch (ATS), was agreed and it is now situated on the outside of the building adjacent to the plant shed. The optional ATS panel communicates with the generator to start power automatically in the event of the utility source failing.

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