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Oglaend System (FRP/GRP), corrosion-resistant glass fibre reinforced plastic (FRP/GRP), support channels are designed to reduce weight while still maximizing loadability and strength. This design provides HSE improvements for lifting and fitting Trays and Support equipment. There are five options for support channels, each with a different formulation to meet specific project requirements. Accessory plates such as gusset plates can be added to the support system.

Oglaend System is proud to present the Triangular FRP channel, a patent-pending FRP support channel for heavy loads. Triangular FRP channels were specifically designed to maximize modern manufacturing and material technology for glass fiber reinforced plastics. This channel is a complement to and development of our existing range of Mekano(r), Triangular support profiles in stainless steel and HDG. The section is layered with reinforced woven fibre fabric fabrics. These provide superior resistance to bolt shear out and have a high tensile force. Combining the box-section's closed profile with large flanges, it provides excellent torsional resistance and ample surface area for attaching equipment securely, quickly and easily. To prevent sleeves from twisting during tightening, the slots in the channels can be used to locate FRP Sleeve Nuts. Installers can attach equipment and sections with one tool. This not only reduces time but also makes it easier to manage logistics. It also improves safety and health conditions. The sleevenut system can attach equipment through either the box-section or the flanges.

FRP support sections come in a variety of designs and profiles. They are also available with a wide selection of standard and specialised accessories made of FRP and AISI 316L stainless to suit many different applications.

Darren Tyler
+44 (0)121 502 3452
Oglaend System, Unit 6, The Woodsbank Estate, Woden Road West, Wednesbury, West Midlands, WS10 7SU.
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