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Gassco – Emden Terminal, Germany
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Flare Systems

This facility supplies Norwegian natural gas to the German market, GBA is the supplier of the complete flare system which comprised an Enclosed Ground Flare to handle small day to day reliefs while large relief cases are staged to the Elevated Flare. 

This flare features a “Pilots on Demand” system in which the pilots are normally unlit and only ignited when the flare is required.  3 modes of ignition are supplied (i) Hi-Energy Electric (ii) CHT-SS “Side-Stream” pilots & (iii) Automatic FFG.

Equipment Supplied:

  • HP Flare – CSF-7-10 HP Multi-arm Sonic Flare on a 57m high guyed derrick
  • Base Load Enclosed Ground Flare EGF-20
  • All controls for ignition and staging.
Mark Swann & Peter Watts
+44 (0)1628 610100
GBA Flare Systems, Burnham House, 93, High Street, Burnham, Buckinghamshire, SL1 7JZ.
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