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Bender UK offers an engineering survey capability for onshore and offshore facilities and operators.

Surveys are conducted to assess and check electrical system health, ensuring Bender devices are set-up correctly and to locate, classify and identify earth faults on ships and vessels, FPSO’s and oil and gas platforms.

Line Insulation Monitors (LIM) are a vital component in the design and installation of offshore systems. When used correctly, insulation monitoring delivers an accurate assessment of the overall ‘health’ of critical electrical systems, ensuring compliance with wiring and safety regulations, and to prevent operational and production downtime.  When systems do not work as planned and fail to operate effectively - safety and efficiency are undermined and managing through-life integrity of electrical systems can be compromised.

Bender engineer surveys are suitable in situations where the client does not have the experience or capability to conduct thorough system reviews themselves.  All surveys are quoted and tailored to the installation and exact needs or problems experienced by the client. 

Bender equipment and services help identify and resolve issues related to earth faults, improving operational efficiency and reducing the high cost of non-productive time (NPT).  

Robbie Mewton
+44 (0)1229 480123
Bender UK, Low Mill Business Park, Ulverston, Cumbria, LA12 9EE.
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