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SPX FLOW Bolting Systems
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SPX FLOW Bolting Systems provides a complete service worldwide manufacturer of controlled bolting products, including tensioning and hydraulic torque systems, industry-specific training programs, system rentals and flange management program software. We can be your trusted partner in flange management for both infrastructure construction and operations and maintenance. This will allow you to complete your project quickly, efficiently, and on-budget.

SPX FLOW Bolting Systems' mission is to promote controlled bolting solutions, engineering new technologies, as well as utilizing advances in material technology. These innovations have resulted in weight and size reductions that are safer, more durable, and better performance.

SPX FLOW Bolting Systems is a global company that offers sales and rental facilities. There are plans to expand our service centers to other important locations in the future to help our valued customers. Houston, Texas - Baton Rouge (LA) - Aberdeen (U.K. – Singapore – and Perth (Australia). Additional customer service office locations are also available in Shanghai and the Netherlands. A large distribution network allows us to offer service support and local sales in over 150 countries.

+31 45 5678877
SPX FLOW, Albert Thijsstraat 12, 6471 WX Eygelshoven, The Netherlands
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