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Nord-Lock is a global leader in bolting solutions, we are strengthening the public and industrial infrastructures that shape modern living in decades to come. 

Oil & Gas drilling operations, by their very nature, expose crews to the risk of serious injury. With so many mechanical and hydraulic processes in operation, falling objects and malfunctions are hazards for even the most experienced staff members.

When working in such demanding conditions, safety is absolutely paramount. Cranes are swinging heavy objects across the deck; drills, pumps and shakers are in constant operation; and everything needs to be 100% reliable. At the same time, operations must be continuous. The pace needs to be high and every minute of downtime is costly.

Fortunately Nord-Lock’s bolt securing systems suit all needs and applications, and are not only safe and reliable, but also cost effective. This fact is confirmed by the thousands of Nord-Lock customers who depend on our products.

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