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HYTORC subsea tensioners are designed for continuous use in demanding environments. They are manufactured from high quality materials and are easy to use. Our subsea tensioners can be suited to fit a variety of sizes and budgets.

Easy Handling - Subsea tensioners have a one-piece body design that allows the operator to handle the tool with confidence.

Long, 30mm Stroke - Our subsea tensioners provide the operator with 30mm of piston stroke and a highly visible maximum stroke indicator. These features give the diver maximum tool strokes without over-stroking the tool and leaking oil.

Solid and Split Nuts Available - Split nuts allow for faster assembly times, especially when damaged threads are an issue. Lower cost solid nuts are also available to meet your budgetary needs.

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Stephen Taylor
+44 (0)1670 363800
HYTORC, Unit 25, Moorland Way, Nelson Park, Cramlington, NE23 1WE.
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