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Oil Mist Separators
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FRANKE FILTER's ecological Oil Mist Separators

Oil Mist Separators also known as Oil Mist Eliminators, protect your rotary machine and your employees. Ensure compliance with all applicable environmental protection guidelines. FRANKEFILTER Oil Mist Separators can also increase the life expectancy of your machine. Because of their high filtration efficiency, they can be reused. After filtration, the oil is returned back to the lubricating oils tank. FRANKE Filter has made it their mission

Our Oil Mist Separators can be used in any large or small power plant around the globe, regardless of size. It doesn't matter if it's original equipment or retrofit replacement. We still need it, even though we have an urgent need. We must not neglect to protect the environment from the energy we get from power plants.The environment is our greatest asset.

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