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Control Developments (UK) Ltd
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Marine Sensors

Control Developments (UK) Ltd, based in Eynsham, was originally founded in 1987, with the aim of integrating electronics with real world hydraulic and pneumatic systems, in order to provide cost effective and robust solutions to industry's measurement and control challenges. This company dealt with a wide range of customers in the agricultural, civil, military and mobile areas.

At the beginning of 2008, the non-military part of the business was acquired by Jetter AG based in Ludwigsburg, Germany and consequently the trading name was changed to Jetter UK Ltd. Subsequently a new company Control Developments (UK) Ltd was established (registration number 6499541) to deal with the military and specialised areas that had not been acquired.

Control Developments (UK) Ltd now specialises in control systems for military applications, but also has experience in special servo positioning control applications, CAN bus integrated systems, special sensors and complete system integration

01865 236030
The John Galt Building, A40 Old Witney Road, Eynsham, Oxfordshire, OX29 4PU
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