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AKG is a worldwide leading manufacturer with unparalleled expertise in the field of technically advanced, high performance heat exchangers and cooling systems. The core competence of the AKG-Group is in the development and design of brazed, welded, bonded or mechanically joined solutions made of aluminium, copper/brass and plastics for cooling engine coolant, charge air, hydraulic oil, lube oil, diesel, compressed air, refrigerants and many other mediums.

As well as customer-orientated bespoke cooling modules, AKG are also well known for their diverse array of high quality standard product ranges that are particularly optimised with regards to cost, cooling performance and weight reduction. The ranges comply with European and American Standards for mobile or stationary applications in normal or rugged environmental operating conditions, which are powered by AC-, DC- or hydraulic fan drives.

On a global scale AKG has some 2,400 highly skilled employees at 13 production facilities located in Germany, France, Latvia, Turkey, USA, Brazil, China and India as well as sales and engineering offices in other countries. Innovative production processes emphasize quality, short lead-times and environmentally safe manufacturing processes.

Competitive prices, fast lead times and a wide range of stocked products are just some of the advantages AKG UK can offer you. Please visit our website for more information; why not take the heat out of your next project and download our free proprietary sizing software.

01443 678055
St Hilary Court, Copthorne Way, Cardiff, CF5 6ES
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AKG-Line A series AKG-Line A series
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AKG-Line AP (Offline series) AKG-Line AP (Offline series)
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AKG-Line CA (Compressor Aftercoolers) AKG-Line CA (Compressor Aftercoolers)
  Air-to-air cooling systems with AC motor powered fan As standard equipp...
AKG-Line D series AKG-Line D series
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AKG-Line H series AKG-Line H series
Oil-to-air cooling systems with hydraulic motor powered fan As standard highly flexibl...
AKG-Line W series AKG-Line W series
Water-to-air cooling systems with AC motor powered fan As standard highly flexible com...