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Any of our standard winch and HPU packages can be supplied with our active heave compensation (AHC) winch control system. Designed for use on floating vessels or platforms, the AHC control system works by controlling the direction and speed of the winch to counteract the effects of vessel motion on the hook load.

The system offers the following features and advantages:

  • Designed to ensure the constant deployment or retrieval of the winch hook load, or allow the hook load to be held stationary in relatively heavy sea states
  • Uses a motion reference unit (MRU) to sense movements of the vessel
  • Filters out the effect of wave movement
  • Prevents vessel motions from causing snatch loads and slack in the wire
  • Increases safety and reduces damage risk during critical operations
  • Increases effective operating window
  • Reduced weather-related downtime
  • Allows for more accurate data readings
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