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Weather in Iceland is unpredictable. Arctic cold blowing down from the north is forever colliding into Gulf Stream warmth sweeping past from the south. These temperature contrasts inflict radical changes in the weather from day to day, even hour to hour. In this kind of environment, deciding what to wear outdoors can be risky.

Enter ZO-ON Iceland.
ZO-ON’s founder has been an outdoors person all his life, and got tired of being wet and cold when the idea was to be having a good time. On a backcountry trail one afternoon he decided to develop a better way of making outdoor clothes, clothes that would keep active people drier and more comfortable – whatever the weather.

That idea, whatever the weather, became the slogan, and the beginning of a clothing concept that could deal with the climate challenges in Iceland. That was about 15 years ago. Since then our outdoor performance wear has built up a huge following at home in snowboarding & skiing, hiking, golfing and streetlife-streetwear clothing lines.

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