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Heinr Boker Baumwerk
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In the early 1960s Boker USA was sold to the well-known scissors-manufacturer Wiss & Sons, who kept up the production of Böker knives to sell them with Solingen products. Böker scissors disappeared from the market, being a competitor to Wiss. In the early 1970s Wiss sold to the multinational Cooper Industries. For Böker this change proved benificial, generating a close business and personal relationship with Cooper, who restored the name of Böker to its former greatness. During the eight years this active relationship lasted, Solingen was able to rationalise production and develop new modern products. Today Böker offers the broadest range of sports and collector´s knives with an anmatched variety of blade and handle materials.

+49 212 4012 0
Schützenstr. 30, 42659, Solingen, Germany
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