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It was in 1968 when Giuseppe Dal Martello, owner of DALLMONT-REBELL, presented his first collection of winter sport accessories During the MIAS of Milan.
Amongst his collection were the fist “Rebell” eye glasses, already with shapes and colours ahead of the others.

Year after year, the staff at “Rebell” dedicated themselves with love and passion to the formation of the new “Rebell” glasses collection seeking novelty but above all colour co-ordinations and winning designs.

In the 1990’s there was a big change, the first collection was made with Italian designers and produced with Rebell’s own templates.
From that moment, “Rebell” glasses strengthened its massive presence in the best Italian shops and began their big adventure firstly in Europe and then in other parts of the world.

In the various collections by “Rebell”, there have been glasses, which have set a trend and we are proud to display at the side of ... “THE HISTORY OF REBELL GLASSES”, some finished designs.
These designs have given a touch of prestige to those that have worn them and are favourites for their clothing, for the design, the colours, but above all for the safety of their own eyes, as they are all made using the best materials and are in compliance with the European laws currently in force.

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