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For about twenty years the CASCO name has stood for innovation and superior quality. CASCO is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of protective helmets. With currently two factories and a staff of over 150 employees, the CASCO helmet and glasses manufactory boasts the most modern of development and production facilities. CASCO Schutzhelme GmbH was established in the year 1989. Their headquarters were moved from Baden-Württemberg to Saxony in August 1995. In January 2006 another factory was opened in Satu Mare, Romania. Safety, function, comfort and design are flawlessly combined at CASCO on account of our "users" feedback and suggestions. These include experienced athletes such as the 5-time Olympics winner Ole Einar Björndalen, Olympics ski jump champion Lars Bystöl, equestrian Jos Lansink and Jens Fiedler, the 2-time Olympics winner in cycling.

Our commitment to the competitive sports
Casco stands for top quality and Innovation in all product areas. For example, in the competitive sports category our innovations are being developed to apply to everyday sports. That's why it's essential during product development for new ideas to be tested under extreme conditions and to get the feedback from world-class athletes to flow into the development of future products. Particularly the ski helmet, a relatively new product line at CASCO, has been developed in close cooperation with our athletes as have the bike and riding helmet lines. Let's take winter sports as an example: The Ski World Cup is considered to be the winter Formula 1; all new innovations concerning equipment come from here. This is where protective helmets are tested and developed under extreme conditions, guaranteeing perfect protection and wearing comfort for the end user. Our special products for our world-class athletes therefore serve as the basis for our products available later in the shops. Of course the advertising factor gained through sponsoring is very important. A top athlete in the function of role model contributes a lot to the final purchase decision. And last but not least, sponsoring is still closely connected to the enthusiasm for the pursuit of athletic excellence. All levels within the company closely identify with the product – for example when one of our athletes, like Lars Bystöl, wins a medal, we've been there the whole time cheering them on. In brief: Our sponsoring activities are characterized by close cooperation and bonding between manufacturer and athlete. We wish all CASCO athletes a successful season.

Markus Krauter
+49 (0) 3595/5839-0
Gewerbering Süd 11, 01900, Bretnig-Hauswalde, Germany
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