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When you’re sharing any space with others, it’s crucial to make sure that the communal areas are kept clean, tidy and in-order. This is especially important with communal gardens and courtyards – as a tidy communal outdoor space, means that all residents are free to enjoy the space as and when they require. Having an outdoor space, (however big the size) is an important part of our lives in the spring and summer, and it’s important that people can enjoy them as and when they want to without worrying about mess or dirt from other residents or tenants.

If you’re a landlord of a shared residential space that has communal gardens or courtyards, it can be tempting to hope that one of your tenants will be thoughtful enough to keep the garden area tidy and well-presented… But you can’t always rely on tenants to maintain spaces, especially if they’re communal ones.

Why are tidy areas important?

Reason 1: They ensure tenants stay happy and pay their bills

If you want your tenants to keep their side of a rental agreement, it’s important to ensure you’re keeping your end of the agreement too. Happy tenants pay on time and they’re usually easier to deal with and manage too. Having a tidy and well-maintained outdoor space goes a long way to ensuring your tenants stay happy.

Reason 2: It’s easier to attract new tenants

If you own several properties in the same building, you’ll want to be sure the outdoor space always looks neat and tidy whenever prospective tenants come to look around the building and property. The communal spaces are a huge indicator to the quality of service offered by the landlord so it’s something you’ll want to keep in top condition.

Reason 3: It sets a good example

If you (as the landlord) are careful about keeping areas tidy and neat, it will hopefully rub off on your tenants – who will also endeavour to keep areas in good condition. The best thing to do is lead by example, so having a tidy communal area is a good way to do this.

Reason 4: it stops tenants disputes

Having someone external come in to regularly clean the communal spaces and outdoor spaces, mean that you’ll stop any ‘cleaning’ disputes between neighbours.

How can you ensure the outdoor communal spaces stay tidy?

There are several options that you can put into place as a landlord of a property with shared or communal spaces. Here are the two most common solutions:

Tip 1: Install low-maintenance materials and surfaces, that need minimal upkeep. Grass is very appealing, but it’s also a lot of work to maintain and takes a lot of time in spring and summer. Going for something low-key, like the surfacing options we offer at SureSet, mean the maintenance time and effort is a lot lower.

Tip 2: Another idea is to set up a regular maintenance service or gardener that can go in every week / month / fortnight (depending on the size of the job) and keep the place looking tidy.

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