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Summer’s approaching, which means it’s time to make your outdoor space perfect for the long days we all love. Whether you have a residential or a commercial property, your outdoor space is bound to see more traffic, whether it’s your own feet and those of your friends strolling down your garden path, or more clients visiting your business.

Take a look at our summer garden ideas and other suggestions for giving your property a fresh look for the season and beyond.

Commercial Outdoor Spaces

Your commercial outdoor space will benefit from a bit of a makeover for the summer months.

Bring Your Brand’s Colours Outdoors 

As mentioned above, SureSet’s aggregates are available in many different materials, colours, and textures. This allows you to install paving in neutral colours or in the colours of your business or institution. Take it a step further by incorporating decorative patterns, your business’ logo or slogan, or a heraldic device such as a coat of arms. With our permeable resin bound paving, you can cater your creative paving project around your needs.

Create A Space For Fitness or Leisure 

Whether your business or institution is health and fitness-focused, includes fitness and leisure as part of the offerings, or is one of the growing number of brands that take employee mental and physical health and wellbeing seriously, SureSet can make a difference to your outdoor space. A resin garden patio is only the start, as our permeable paving offers possibilities for a variety of applications.

Create a patio to give your staff and clients a space in which to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine during their breaks or while waiting for their appointment. Our paving’s also great for swimming pool areas. The permeability means puddles never form for long, which reduces the risk of slipping and the possibility of algae and weeds growing where you don’t want them.

Transform your leisure park or playground by adding pathways, seating areas, or play areas with SureSet. Rather than sticking to neutral tones when installing a play area, you can add a splash of colour and create fun designs and patterns using aggregates of different colours or PlayBound, which we developed especially for children’s pathways and playgrounds.

Create An Attractive And Safer Commercial Car Park 

As the weather improves, more people will venture outside to leisure centres, local parks, and other destinations. If you’re expecting more visitors, make sure your car park is not only in working condition, but appealing to the public. After all, the parking area is the first impression your visitors will have of your location, and first impressions are lasting.

With SureSet, there’s no loose gravel, loose stones, or puddles which means safer driving and walking conditions. When installed with the right edging and sub-base, the finished product is neat, tidy, and level.

Add Public Area Improvements...

With people more likely to spend time in outdoor public areas in summer, you’ll want those spaces to look attractive. This goes beyond neat resin bound gravel garden paths, walkways, access ramps, driveways, and parking areas.

Drains and unkempt tree pits can look unsightly, but the SureSet team can help you do something about them. If drains are located in your paved area, use permeable drain covers to hide them without preventing access to them. Resin bound tree pits are not only practical, they’re also neat and tidy. Such public area improvements might seem low-key, but they can make a world of difference to the overall look and feel of the space.

Ease Of Maintenance 

The increased foot and/or vehicle traffic that your outdoor space receives in summer means you need to do more maintenance than you would during other seasons. The good news is that SureSet’s permeable resin bound paving is easy to clean, repair, and keep looking fresh all summer long.

You can sweep away debris such as leaves and twigs. Use a pressure hose to wash away tyre marks and stubborn grime. If the surface is damaged by a vehicle or an object that was dragged or fell, use our repair kit to repair it yourself quickly and easily.

Ensure your guests and visitors will love your outdoor space. Realise your summer garden ideas UK with SureSet.

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