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Coir Log Roll by Envisage Wildcare
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Coir Rolls

Coir is a sustainable product, being a by product of the coconut industry, which is renewed annually with the new coconut crop.  It has very high water retention properties and is an excellent growing medium for aquatic plants.

Coir log rolls provide a natural solution to bank erosion by protecting the banks from the initial impact of the water wash.  They are best used on waterbodies where the waterlevels are reasonably consistent, and are usually held in place with chestnut stakes. Typically planted with native reed species such as Phragmites Australis, (we can supply them pre-planted) they blend in immediately with the natural surroundings.  In time the coir will break down, but not before the reeds have established themselves in to the bank and therefore provided a permanent erosion control solution.

This product has coir external netting which means the entire product will degrade in time.

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