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The Water Storing Polymer Injection by Terrain Aeration is a service targeted at reducing the effects of drought on your turf playing surfaces by injecting polymer water storing crystals into the rootzone of your grass and is used in combination with our deep, compressed air de-compaction treatment,

The crystals are injected on the final air blast and combined with a carrier of dried, milled seaweed which also adds additional nutrient.

Following rainfall or irrigation the polymer crystals are capable of expanding to 100 times their original size in the newly created underground fractures and fissures and can remain effective for up to ten years.

The polymer absorb and store any excess water from the surrounding soil until natural drainage and evaporation reduce the amount available. The roots of the grass can tap into this water reservoir thus reducing the effects of drought.

The water storing crystals eventually return to their original size until the soil water is replenished.

Using this product as part of our deep, compressed air decompaction treatment ensures that any water available to the root zone is conserved and released over a controlled period.

Water storing polymers are suitable for injection during our aeration treatment of all amenity turf including golf courses, sports fields, and parks and gardens.

This treatment is also effective in the development of new tree plantations or in assisting older more established trees and shrubs.

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