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Machines for the job – simple!  Get Terrain Aeration in and save money

Waterlogging and compaction panning. Use the Terralift® machine which aerates from one metre depth to the surface.

Injects dried products which swell with the moisture content in the soil helping to keep the fractures and fissures open longer. Specialist deep aeration used once every 10-12 years if used in conjunction with your top surface aeration machinery.

Drought – saving water.  Water storing polymers injected by the Terralift® machine swells up to 100-fold making the best use of rainwater or irrigation.

Soil Corer – find out what your soil conditions are to one-metre depth.  Clear plastic tubes 1m length x 50mm diameter can show the soil structure immediately.  Maintenance regimes can be altered accordingly to the soil structure.

Money well spent.

The benefits of using Terrain Aeration’s specialist machinery are:
A healthier sward with a stronger root growth for both turf and around tree roots because air has been injected into the root zone.
Relief of compaction panning and waterlogging. Drought stress is reduced to trees and an eco/environment friendly water saving programme is used Aerated and fractured soil rejuvenation is put into place from one metre depth. Savings increased due to time spent wisely, less maintenance required, less temporary greens made up; less insecticides/pesticides/fertilisers etc are required.
Rainfall soaks in easily, does not puddle or runoff.

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