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Acquisition of the machinery assets of C&P Soilcare by Terrain Aeration means that the the Deep Drill, which Lynda Green - Operations Director originally imported from the USA in 1992, is back under terrain's control.

The Deep Drill, now as good as new after being completely stripped and rebuilt, performs surface aeration on ALL TYPES OF TURF including golf greens, tees and fairways, cricket wickets, bowling greens, football and rugby pitches and parks.

Driven by a Kubota 950, 21hp engine, the three wheeled, self propelled unit, has a ground pressure of just 9 psi and is capable of treating approximately 240 sq metres of turf per hour.

60 tungsten tipped, 16mm diameter drills on a 12 by 5 grid with 125mm spacings give a drilling area of 1 square metre per cycle. These drills bore into the top 250mm of soil beneath the turf encouraging healthy root growth, improving surface drainage and increasing the uptake of nutrients.

Following treatment the spoil produced can be swept away and the drilled holes back filled with top dressing, soil improver's or soil activators according to your requirements. After that the surface can be played on immediately.

The Deep Drill was originally designed for and is ideal for the treatment of USGA SPEC or SAND BASED GOLF GREENS. The Deep Drill is the perfect top surface treatment to compliment Terrain Aeration’s one-metre deep, Terralift® aeration treatment.

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