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This revolutionary cementitious brush-in grout is easy to use and suitable for all types of paving such as Porcelain, Sandstone, Concrete and Granite. For use on paths, patios and driveways. tuffjoint Utility does NOT CONTAIN Resins or Polymers.

Available in three colours Flint, Anthracite and Hessian and supplied in 12.5 kg tubs with a coverage of up to 31 m2.

tuffjoint Utility has been produced and tested for easy use and for high quality, hard wearing jointing with no mixing required.

  •    Sweep in the dry mortar using a squeegee and/or a broom/brush.
  •    When joints are full, remove dry excess tuffjoint Utility from the paving.
  •    Apply water using a hose, and set on a fine mist spray until water pools on the      surface.
  •    Use a Washboy or Washboy Pro to clean the paving units.

As tuffjoint Utility is swept in dry, any excess can be returned to the tub and used at a later date, resulting in minimal wastage.

DO use a fine mist spray of water to avoid dislodging the product.

DO use the right equipment for the cleaning process We can not stress enough the importance of using the right equipment for the cleaning process. i.e. Washboy with rollers and sponge float.

DO check the weather forecast before installing. Cover paved area post installation if rain is forecast within 6 hours, to avoid any rain dislodging the mortar.

DON’T use on damp or wet paving, excess water must be removed and paving allowed to dry.

DON’T install when raining.

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Steintec, 1 Northwick Road, Canvey Island, Essex. SS8 0PU
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