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TigerMulch® is ideal for pathways and erosion control. TigerMulch® and wet pour can be used to provide good access and pathways to, and within, public open space, parks and woodlands, which is essential to obtain the maximum benefit to the people who use them. 

Pathways provide a flow around the space, with the minimum impact on the maintenance and upkeep. To minimise erosion, pathways need to be a durable hardwearing surface that fits in with the surrounding green landscape. Traditional materials such as gravel and wood chippings can erode and will need regular top-ups. Some areas will be frequently used due to the nature of the space. Play space, gateways, landscape areas, picnic areas and benches get particularly heavy use.

When grass is eroded it leaves hard compacted soil that does not drain, grass encroachment and weeds can become established in loose pathway material and edging. Tarmac or concrete used as a pathway requires longer time scales to be laid than that of loose materials. Loose materials may foul or damage grass cutting machinery and Wheelchairs and buggies find it difficult to negotiate loose surfaces they also require an edge to retain the pathway material. Root heave can crack and create hazards on hard surfaced pathways and non-porous pathways may form puddles that can be a hazard in cold weather.

TigerMulch® provides a durable and economic solution. In use since 2002, it has been tested and conforms to Performance Specification of BS EN1177 and BS 7188. It is a bound surface that stays in place and can be used as a mowing strip around uprights and along the edge of traditional paths.

TigerMulch® prevents grass encroachment and weeds will not become established due to the free draining nature of.

Grass cutting machinery can sweep over TigerMulch® without damaging the surface or machinery and no edge is required in a grass area with TigerMulch®. Wheelchairs and buggies find TigerMulch® easy to negotiate, it is permeable and drains freely and stretches to accommodate root heave and tree girth enlargement.  

Quickly and easily installed by our trained teams, TigerMulch® provides a durable natural looking path in keeping with the natural environment.

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