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Transplanting large trees, hedges or shrubs, is surprisingly simple, providing of course you have the appropriate expertise and specialised equipment. Fortunately we provide both. We undertake Tree Moving, on a repeat basis for the most high profile horticultural organisations inthe U.K. 
Any size of tree, hedge or shrub can be moved using a unique rootball, frame and crane technique. This method can also prove helpful where access might be problematic.
Tree Transplanting  specimens up to 20cm trunk diameter using a Tree Spade is a cost effective and time saving way of enhancing landscapes. Ruskins are expert Tree Movers and are  proud to offer a fleet of tree spades - which uniquely includes the UK's largest version.
 Transplanting Trees saves up to 90% against the cost of new plants.
Trees, hedges and shrubs of almost any size can be moved.
Moving Trees can take place at any time of year.
On development sites trees and hedges, including those with Preservation Orders, can be relocated  (with Local Authority Approval) to create access or increase plot size. These can be moved directly to new locations, moved to safe temporary storage areas (on or off site) or moved off-site completely for replanting elsewhere.
Please note that in most cases we can provide a outline quotation by telephone, that will be confirmed during a site visit.

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Ruskins Trees & Landscapes, Warley Street, Great Warley, Brentwood, Essex, CM13 3JH
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