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Clapham Old Town rejuvenation program

We at PUBLIC SPACES were delighted to have been invited to work with Lambeth Borough Council on the rejuvenation of this famous old area of London. Located just beside the well known common, this area is a busy and lively place where the locals meet to talk, eat and shop and connect with local transport.

The location is bordered on all sides by the traffic from the busy junction but actually covers a large area. The design opened up a breathing space for the occupants to meet their friends with the introduction of planting in the form of raised beds and single tree planting.

The Council decided to use the DAE MONTSENY chair, an item of furniture used successfully before in other areas in the Borough and very popular with the residents. The Montseny range is available in a number of sizes or lengths, from a chair (600mm) to benches (1500 and 3000mm long). This year we have standardised the specifications of the Montseny range by including cast aluminum frames (no maintenance or rust) and FSC approved timber which fits in with most of our customers “green” agendas.

In this case it was decided to use the chair version which would be placed in a number of clusters around the area to encourage the gathering of friends and neighbours to meet and talk but also allow those you wish to have independent seating in order to avoided being pushed around for space on a larger bench. The style of the Montseny with its armrests is of great assistance to those whose mobility may be affected simply by age or some other physical condition.

The existing raised flowerbeds have been brought into use by the addition of our MAGO “plus” wall mounted seating units. These benches have been designed by MAGO to complement their own Tetris range of concrete furniture but in this case as the walls were already there it was a case of manufacturing the units to fit what was in place. The MAGO “plus” seating is made from hardwood timber and held together and in place by a stainless steel frame. This of course means that again maintenance is kept to a minimum. Over all a very successful project and a stylish refit of this popular area that is used every day by young and old.

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