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The Rootball Fixing System - Strap from Platipus is a tree anchoring system using our own webbing strap and bespoke tensioner. It is ideal for small inexpensive rootballed trees on projects with a limited budget. 

Whilst designed as a low cost tree anchoring system, careful consideration and many years of development has enabled us to manufacture a strap tensioner capable of producing the high loads needed to correctly anchor and secure these trees. 

Each of the two new 25mm and 35mm standard strap tensioners has been specifically engineered to meet our usual high standards, and the benefits include:
No more leaning trees due to insufficient strap tension from other inferior ratchet systems
No unsightly stakes or timber above ground
Planting at nursery line
System uses proven anchor technology
Specially engineered tensioners
Strap trims easily with scissors

Carl Reeders
+44 (0) 1737 762300
Platipus Anchors, Kingsfield Business Centre, Philanthropic Road, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 4DP
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