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Since first pioneering the concept of underground tree anchoring over 37 years ago, Platipus® has developed the most comprehensive range of professional tree anchoring and irrigation systems for every planting situation. The range includes their award winning D-MAN® system for on-structure and shallow planting as well as Piddler®, a targeted irrigation system. Find out about their latest innovations, G-WALL® modular living wall and G-ROOF® urban structural drainage system, which have been developed specifically for creating amazing urban green landscapes.

It's not just their products that represent great value, but also their expertise. Platipus offers a full range of services to landscape professionals including CPD presentations, technical support, specification guidance, AutoCAD drawings, on-site training and anchor testing.

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Carl Reeders
+44 (0) 1737 762300
Platipus Anchors, Kingsfield Business Centre, Philanthropic Road, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 4DP
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Rootball Fixing System - Plati-Mat Rootball Fixing System - Plati-Mat
The Plati-Mat, part of the Platipus rootball fixing system allows secure positioning of newly ...
 Platipus D-MAN Platipus D-MAN
The latest innovation from Platipus Anchors, the D-MAN, is a strong, compact and lightweight c...
Piddler Tree Irrigation System Piddler Tree Irrigation System
Drought stress remains one of the biggest contributors to high mortality rates of transplanted...
Guy Fixing System Guy Fixing System
Gut fixing kits are avaialble in a range of sizes to suit most transplants up to 20m high ...
The Rootball Fixing System Strap by Platipus The Rootball Fixing System Strap by Platipus
The Rootball Fixing System - Strap from Platipus is a tree anchoring system using our own webb...