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Percussion Play UK, a family-owned UK business, designs and makes outdoor musical instruments for children of all ages.

All of our instruments can withstand extreme outdoor environments, whether they are floor pianos or rainbow xylophones. We have provided outdoor musical instruments to many projects, including parks, family attractions, museums and hospitals, as well as elderly centres, seaside docks, cruise ships, and hospital activity trails. All of our instruments can be used in any location, are easily accessible and very easy to learn. You don't need any musical skill or musical knowledge to create beautiful sounds. All of our instruments have been orchestrated to delight the ear, both for those playing and those listening.

Our sculptures can be combined with music to create interactive and dynamic toys that bring life and energy to outdoor spaces. Landscape architects, local officials, garden and playground designers and other stakeholders will love our products. Integrating with local architecture or landscaping, they allow for music to be enjoyed by all.

Each instrument is made from durable, easy-to-care for materials, so it can withstand the worst effects of the weather. We've made instruments that can be played with your hands whenever possible. Where beaters are necessary, we have made them one-piece so that they don't get separated. We also attach them using stainless-steel coated cables. High corrosion resistance makes the instruments durable and robust. The instruments come in a range of fixing options, from inground to surface to wall. All are certificated to EN1176.

Percussion Play boasts over 60 international representatives. It is the largest outdoor instrument manufacturer in the world. Their success has been built on excellence in service and the high-quality of their musical instruments.

+44 (0)1730 235180
Percussion Play, Staple Ash Lane, Froxfield GU32 1DJ
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