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Calypso Chimes with their clear lively tones and beautiful anodized finish are sure to spread good vibes wherever they end up. Available in different arrangements, they’re a great choice for music parks, playgrounds, schools, family attractions, hospital gardens, and community open spaces.

Calypso Chimes are practical, durable, and stylish with a wonderful melody and sustain. Whether you are looking for solo chimes to place sporadically around your outdoor area to add a colorful musical sound wherever you go, a fun pentatonic set for sensory play, or a diatonic arrangement around which outdoor lessons and concerts can be played, Calypso Chimes can be adapted to suit all.

*Calypso Chimes are made from rainbow-colored anodized aluminum which will not chip, flake, or peel and is UV stable

*Each chime is individually mounted to a stainless-steel post and comes complete with a mallet and new ‘mallet-minder’

*The Chimes can be installed directly into the ground, fixed to the surface (with a surface plate), or installed with an extended footer

*There are eight individual Calypso Chimes ranging from C4-C5 Available as ‘solo’ chimes to buy individually, Calypso Chimes are also available in the following pre-set arrangements:

Calypso Chimes Diatonic: Full Set of Eight Chimes C4-C5

Calypso Chimes Pentatonic: Set of Six Chimes Pentatonic C4-C5

Calypso Chimes Quartet: Set of 4 Chimes C4, E4, G4, C5

Calypso Quatro Post: The four Quartet notes (C4, E4, G4, C5) mounted to a single post with two mallet

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