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The Mucktruck mini-dumper can carry 250kgs/550lbs/6cu ft and will climb a 30º slope fully loaded. The machine is fitted with the Honda GXV Commercial grade 5.5hp engine. The Tecumseh drive axle has 4 forward and 1 reverse gears

Will pay for itself in approx 20 weeks in Hire shop charges

Easy to maintain

Honda GXV engine

Increased productivity

Multiple attachments-one unit many uses

Works on slopes where wheelbarrows can’t

Safety Features & Benefits to the Construction

The muck-truck is fitted with a throttle lever that allows precise forward speed control.

Balanced weight distribution allows for easy tipping.

The muck-truck is fitted with a parking brake and stops dead when the brake is released,  should an operator  fall or trip.

The muck-truck is highly recommended by health and safety, as it increases productivity without operator fatigue.

The 550lbs carry capacity enables you to move 3 times the load of the average wheelbarrow.   

The bucket/skip release allows you to control the emptying of the load which is ideal for control tipping of concrete.

muck-truck  world leaders in powered wheelbarrows offer diversity with a full range or interchangeable accessories.

The muck-truck delivers productivity and can carry up to 3 times that of a conventional wheelbarrow.

The muck-truck and MAX dumpers are fitted with a Honda GXV commercial grade engine & offers a powerful 4-wheel drive system.

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Compass Business Park, Pipers Close, Pennygillam Industrial Estate, Launceston, PL15 7ED
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