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Professional Trellising Kit (PTK) provides a strong, discreet framework to support wall vegetation growth; ideal for hobby gardeners and professional landscapers.

  • Time-saving - fast trellis solution ideal for ‘green wall’ applications
  • Long-lasting - available with galvanised or stainless steel wire
  • Easy-to-use - fast installation facilitated by the wall hub which ensures sufficient space between the wall and the vegetation
  • Secure - join and tension wire with Gripple Plus wire tensioners
  • Compatible - available in two wire rope sizes; 2 mm and 3 mm, with a 50 m length of wire rope
  • Versatile - create many different design variations
  • Safe - rubber wire caps prevent injuries and protect the ends of the wire, once cut to size
Martin Gilbert
+44 (0) 800 018 4264
The Old West Gun Works, Savile Street East, Sheffield,S4 7UQ, UK
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