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Gripple is a market leader in civil and landscaping products. Gripple, a globally recognized brand, has partners all over the globe. It is synonymous with time-saving, labour and CO2 savings solutions, outstanding technical support, and innovative employee ownership.

We offer comprehensive solutions to tree anchoring and tree trellising, as well as products for civil applications such slope stabilisation or soil erosion control. Our solutions offer significant advantages over traditional systems. All of our products are created and manufactured in-house. Technical experts also provide on-site support and training.

Martin Gilbert
+44 (0) 800 018 4264
The Old West Gun Works, Savile Street East, Sheffield,S4 7UQ, UK
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Vineyard Trellising Solutions Vineyard Trellising Solutions
In today’s vineyards, the wires, posts, and machinery used are constantly being improved...
Tree Guying Kit Tree Guying Kit
A time-saving above ground tree anchoring system. A tree support for plant and tree straighten...
Trellising Kit Trellising Kit
Professional Trellising Kit (PTK) provides a strong, discreet framework to support wall vegeta...
Root Ball Kit Root Ball Kit
Below ground tree anchoring system designed to stabilise newly planted semi-mature trees. Feat...
Terra-Lock® System Terra-Lock® System
Terra-Lock System for Increased Slope Stability. A time and labour saving method of geotechnic...
Terra-Lock® Pin Range Terra-Lock® Pin Range
Erosion Control Pins. The high load ground anchoring pins are designed to hold all types of tu...