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These standard panels are supplied with a double weave, which means that the visability through them is very much reduced to a minimum.  The Fiber is available in a choice of 3 different sized panels, rough or smooth finish UV resistant Fiber or Fiber with an array of colours to choose from.

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Panel Weaving Material Options:   

Fiber = Polyethylene.  

This material is very durable, UV resistant and washable.  It is available in a rough (16mm diam) or smooth finish (14mm diam).  

The colour options are as follows:  

Dark Brown, Light Brown, Beige, Ivory, White, Black and Silver is only availble in the rough finish.  

It has a temperature limit of -30°C to +80°C and a lifetime guarantee of 25 years.

Wood Fiber = Polyethylene mixed with wood particles.

Although this material has wood particles mixed into it it maintains its durability however the colour after several months will weather slightly so it is UV resistant but UV stable and is washable.  This material has a rough finish (16mm diam) and is available in the following colours: Black, Terracotta, Green, Brown and Cedar.

The fence panels are supplied as standard with an Electrolytic Galvanised metal frame which is coated in a coloured paint (colour RAL 7022).  If the location is by the coast please contact us for a quotation as the metal is treated differently or if you require the fencing to be supplied without a metal frame and to be one continious length please contact us for a quote as this then becomes a bespoke service.

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