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Compact in size, but built and tested to commercial sepcifications, the Little Giants offer gentle, but economocial laundry care; fast throughput, optimum results and low running costs. The PW 6055 has a 5.5kg capacity drum and is WRAS approved to category 5.

Product Key Features:
- Load capacity 5.5kg
- Profitronic L Vario control with 3 user interfaces for flexible use and delay start up to 24h
- Economical: Flowmeter for precise monitoring of water intake
- 16 standard programmes, up to 10 activatable programme packages and 5 individually programmable special programmes
- Selection of 21 languages for ease of use
- Drum design and optimised drum rhythms help to saturate the laundry quickly, so programme times are kept short and water consumption levels are kept low
- Miele quality - designed and built for at least 30,000 wash cycles
- Drain pump
- WRAS approved - category 5
- Miele's patented honeycomb drum allows for a thin film of water to form which protects the laundry and prevents fibre damage or pilling

Rob Dixon (National Sales Manager)
01235 554455
Miele Company Limited, Fairacres, Marcham Road, Abingdon OX14 1TW
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