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In the Redemption operation field, Sacoa's redemption INVENTORY CONTROL SYSTEM (SICS) has been completely re-designed and enhanced and has become a specialized implementation of a full-fledged inventory control and management system designed to interact simply and efficiently with the Sacoa System's redemption capability, including features such as:.
- Browser-based Web on line inventory control application
- Multi-branch capability and multiple store-rooms within each branch
- Inter store-room and inter-branch transfer capability with full audit trail.
- Management of inter-branch shipping, transit bills for inventory in transit and receipt confirmation
- DPL (Digital Packing list) input and automatic DPO (Digital Purchase order) creation for all articles below set minimum in most popular standard formats (suppliers such as Redemption Plus, SureShot, and Bonita Marie, among others, are already Sacoa Compliant).
- Inventory items categorized by category and sub-category.
- Flexible pricing structure on redeemable items
- Inventory labeling capability
- Items in store-rooms defined as 'redemption capable' may be exchanged for points taken off a Sacoa PlayCard
- Full audit and accounting on redemption operation, by branch and consolidated.
- Six security levels enabling access to different functions.
- Comprehensive and flexible reporting system including inter-store and inter-branch inventory movement, purchases and returns for any branch, purchases transferred to other branches, stock adjustments (listing who did the adjustment and why), inventory query showing total quantity at all branches, and more.
- Stock Balance Report showing items purchased, returned, redeemed, redeemed returned, adjustments, incoming and outgoing transfers, price and cost value either detailed or grouped by branch, storeroom and item between any two selected dates.
- Redemption specific reports including item ranking by most valuable, most numerous or most redeemed, items redeemed and tickets loaded reports, redeemed articles returned, inter-card ticket transfers, ticket balance report (showing total tickets loaded onto cards and/or redeemed between two given dates, as well as present ticket balance, per card) and redemption detail report for a given date or range of dates

Complementing the Inventory Control System, Sacoa offers their SICS HIGH-EFFICIENCY REDEMPTION COUNTER PROGRAM, a module that allows up to eight operators to service up to 64 persons simultaneously.

Pol Mochkovsky
+1 214 256 3965
Ja Cabrera 5480, Capital Federal, C1414BGX, Argentina
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