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Three Tunings Available:

  • A-Minor Pentatonic (Set of 6) - A3, C4, D4, E4, G4, A4
  • C-Major Triad (Set of 3) - C4, E4, G4
  • A-Minor Triad (Set of 3) - A3, C4, E4

Whether you call them cattails, reeds, or bullrushes, these sleek chimes are instantly recognisable as the slender marsh plant with tall stems and dark brown velvety heads.

Stainless-steel ‘stems’ support the three or six light bronze cylindrical anodized aluminium chimes, which produce tranquil and harmonic sounds when struck with small soft green mallets.

Perfect for playful interactions along nature trails, in parks, or in woodlands, citizens can stop and enjoy a moment of musical mindfulness while exploring the great outdoors.

Cattail Chimes are sent with two different end caps for you to choose from. Closed-end caps for a flush finish (as shown in the images of the set of three chimes) and pointed end caps to replicate the staminate of the cattail (as shown in the image of the set of six chimes). Both will prevent debris from entering the chime and affecting the sound produced.

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Percussion Play, Staple Ash Lane, Froxfield GU32 1DJ
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