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With energy and cost efficiency remaining a high priority on holiday parks wish lists, we have introduced a new addition to our intelligent-by-design range of  heat pumps.

Clever inverter technology means that Golden Coast heat pumps can reach extremely high coefficients of performance regardless of outside temperature meaning hot tubs are always ready to enjoy whatever the weather.

Designed for ease of use, a full-colour touchscreen equips the owner operator with the information they need around temperature, energy consumption, and pressure, while the unit’s unique ventilation structure means it’s noise levels are just 40dB – no louder than a library.

Built to the highest specification by Belgian manufacturer Propulsion Systems, our heat pumps make use of PVC and other durable materials to ensure a long and reliable product life. For example, the titanium heat exchangers, which are highly resistant to corrosion by salt, chlorine and bromine, are covered by a two-year warranty.

These heat pumps deliver excellent value for money — especially when you compare against the high long-term costs of other heating methods and provide efficient usability all year round.

Not only are they a more eco-friendly option, but they are also much cheaper to run, and the cost savings mean the return on investment is really good making a Golden Coast heat pump the ideal solution for any holiday park that is looking for a cost-effective way to heat hot tubs and pools in every season.

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