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Temple Run Ticket Redemption Game

Great new Ticket Redemption Video Arcade Game (or can be used as just a video game) licensed from one of the most popular smartphone / iOS game apps ever created, with over 100 Million downloads worldwide !

Temple Run Arcade is a smartphone game that has swept the world in a ferocious storm! Though the concept of the game is hopelessly simple, it can be very difficult at times. With a few tips and some practice, players can meet and even beat their friends' high scores, and/or win tickets ! 

The goal in Temple Run is to collect coins and get away with the priceless idol. Throughout the game. players are faced with a series of obstacles like tree roots, fire-breathing gargoyles, and breaks in the temple surface.. 

The trackball in Temple Run Arcade accurately simulates the smartphone game "swipe" action. Operator selectable Ticket Redemption and "High Score" amusement options, and adjustable playtime are available to suit any location!

Found under
Dean Harding
+44 (0)1942210860
Unit 1 Hillridge Road, Martland Mill Industrial Estate, Martland Park, Wigan WN5 0LS, UK
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