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Buffered by the water, you float, swim, paddle and slide your guests down our wild brook, - through narrow and then further stretching sections, over rapids, through one or several intermediate basins, which can be equipped with additional attractions as dwellings.

A few meters of altitude difference between the start and the finish are enough to create a more than 100m long sparkling pleasure. 

Depending on the installed pump capacity, your guests can enjoy a quiet or a roaring wild stream.

The space requirement can be tailored to your needs. In an indoor swimming pool in Korea, for example, we designed a wild stream on a surface of only about 5.0 to 8.0 m wide and a length of about 25 m parallel to a wave pool. If you decide to take the Wildbach out of the hall, generous meanders can be realized, which can also be integrated into a correspondingly designed rocky landscape.

The Wildbach is available in different versions:

  • Family
  • Canyon
  • As a combination with the API WAVE
+49 (661) 250 330
API Water Fun, Neuenberger Straße 26, D - 36041, Fulda
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