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Alan Freed, an Ohio disc jockey, first used the term "rock & roll" in 1951 to describe a new style of music that mixed country, rhythm and blues, gospel and blues. It was a dynamic, hard-driving blend. The term 'rock and roll' was quickly adopted by suburb teenagers around the world and influenced significant cultural and social changes. The Rocket jukebox takes you back to the mid-50s, when everything was changing. We are the original manufacturer to pay tribute to the "Silver Age" of jukeboxes. This is a true crown jewel for Sound Leisure. The Rocket is decorated with chromed-cast furniture that is reminiscent of Detroit's automobiles of the 1950s. Sound Leisure's S3 Unity jukebox platform, and vinyl mechanism, bring the machine up to date with the latest technology.

Chris Black
0113 232 1700
Sound Leisure, Sandleas Way, Leeds, LS15 8AR, UK
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