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The beautiful Riviera is the perfect accompaniment for any Softub.  Made from over 100kg of galvanized and powder coated steel and aluminium for maximum strength  and durability, all six legs can be secured to the floor for added stability, meaning that the Riviera is not just an occasional accessory, but an outdoor structure for the whole year.

The canopy is made from a high performance membrane that is 100% water proof, fire retardant and UV resistant as well as being easy to clean.

Built-in ventilation ensures that the steam from your Softub can escape without build up of condensation. 

For added privacy, why not add curtains to this Gazebo? The curtains can be tied back for a beautiful decorative effect or zipped up to shield you from the elements (or from prying eyes!)

All curtains run in tracks and they can be secured to the six gazebo legs to avoid them blowing about in strong winds.

The Gazebo is 3.5 m in diameter.


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