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ProdEX (by Prodema), our updated line of exterior coverings, is changing the way of thinking in the world of architecture across the globe.
At long last, ProdEX (by Prodema) provides a class of products called Wood Composites, which bring together all the good points of such a noble, beautiful and versatile material as wood, and the guarantee of performance and durability that our patented paper and resin-based formula provides.
A whole new world of possibilities for those architects or building technicians who are looking for a genuine alternative to other cold, grey and common materials to cover their building façades.

ProdEX is a composite panel faced with a natural wood veneer and coated with a proprietary coating, based on synthetic resins and PVDF, which protect the panel from the effects of sunlight, chemical attack (anti-graffiti) and the damage caused by atmospheric agents.


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