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Single beds easily connect together to become a king or superking bed forever or just for a night.

True room versatility at last. Quickly and safely combine two independent twin beds into one large bed with the Create A King Bed Doubler System. The Create A King features a soft, luxurious poly sheepskin that pads the middle area where the two beds meet while a strong, wide nylon belt with snap-shut buckles wrap around the sides of the mattress and safely secures the two mattresses together.

Retain the independence of separate single mattresses, but with the togetherness and comfort of a king or superking bed! The one-piece Create-A-King® Single Bed Connector belt system slips over and along the sides of two single mattresses, securing them together while eliminating the uncomfortable separation between the beds. Ideal for your own bedroom when you join your single beds together, you get a huge king bed without a huge investment. Or use this single doubler in the spare room; your guests won't even know that it's really two single beds joined together, because they'll never feel that annoying "crack" between the beds.

With the Create-A-King Single Bed Connector, you can convert single beds to a king bed in just a few minutes. Just cover the joined beds with a king-size mattress pad and sheet, and enjoy king-size luxury. The adjustable snap-shut buckle prevents separation and seamlessly joins the single beds together. Luxurious sheepskin-like material on the 8"-wide center strip is polyester/acrylic, washable and non-allergenic.

Create-A-King Single Bed Connector benefits:
- Convert 2 single beds into 1 king bed as easily as making the bed
- Buckles on to hold twin mattresses together securely
- Beds won't spread apart during the night
- Enjoy king-size comfort without king-size expense

Chris Schofield
01924 566403
Linx Beds, Jowler Mill (off Bank House Lane), Jowler, Luddendenfoot, Halifax, West Yorkshire, HX2 6TB
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