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Cammegh, makers of the world’s finest roulette wheels, showed the breadth of its gaming offer at the latest G2E show in Vegas, showcasing exquisite traditional table gaming products imbued with technological innovation. The breaking news on the booth in Vegas was the signing of a distribution agreement between Cammegh and Australia-based SenSen Networks. The deal brings SenSen’s automated video-and-software system to table gaming via a low-cost table-mounted camera that records the number of players at a table; shows in real-time bets placed and their value, as well as game begin, duration and end time between games. All this data is sent to the casino data warehouse’s business intelligence and analytics software applications. Operational today at Crown Resorts, the SenSen solution delivers a dramatic improvement in operational efficiency, floor yield and customer insights without the need to replace chip stocks or change the way table games are dealt or played. 

Andrew Cammegh commented: “We are very excited to be bringing this amazing technology to the European gaming market as part of an exclusive distribution deal with SenSen Networks. We are at the very start of our relationship, but the response from visitors at G2E shows the scale interest in this solution and we are eager to bring this technology to floors across the UK and Europe in the near future. The instant chip recognition using a simple camera set-up and SenSen’s amazing software solution delivers a host of operator benefits in a discreet inexpensive package that ticks all the right boxes; from comping players, tracking table revenue, monitoring where bets are placed, measuring game turn-over and automating manual procedures at the table. 

Traditional gaming monitoring systems are typically expensive to install and maintain, and fail to achieve the levels of accuracy needed to be truly useful. Sensors embedded inside casino chips and offline yield management solutions have not worked as promised. Dealers, players and chips move too quickly for conventional monitoring tools which can’t cope with the noise and distractions of a gaming floor. The SenSen solution does not rely on RFID embedded chips, does not require new table layouts and from a dealer perspective there’s absolutely no change to the game itself. Subhash Challa, CEO of SenSen Networks added: “All the casino needs to do is configure the software and let the solution deliver the insights they need. SenGame is the most accurate and cost-efficient solution available.”

Continuing the theme of tech-innovations, Cammegh further revealed its new MediaPro for its Billboard display system at G2E. This new content scheduler works seamlessly with Cammegh’s Billboard to allow operators to build media assets and drag-n-drop content into specific timelines. “MediaPro enables operators to take complete control of the Billboard for the scheduling of media content at the point of play,” described Mr. Cammegh. “Using a tablet device, operators can add media content and scrolling messages, set table minimums and maximums within specific timelines, schedule sports channel feeds, enter results and much more.”

Further expansion of Cammegh’s distribution service was evident at G2E with the company now supplying casino gaming tables from Marton Gaming. The first tables as part of the agreement are destined for operations in the UK, though the deal also covers wider European markets. Cammegh expects to have a complete installation with the Sportsman Casino in London in the near future that will become a fabulous live showroom for the Andras Marton designed tables.

Another traditional product that’s made itself indispensable on the floors of the biggest casinos on the Vegas Strip: MGM, New York, New York, Excalibur, Palazzo, The Venetian, The Park and the Golden Nugget is Cammegh’s Triple Zero roulette wheel. Originally designed to appeal to new players by offering low table minimums, Triple Zero Roulette has proven such a runaway hit, increasing occupancy and demand to such a degree that Vegas operators are choosing to raise their minimums, with players seeing the third green pocket as yet another betting option. 

“The success of Triple Zero Roulette isn’t unique to Las Vegas, as cruise ship operators in particular have also embraced the concept,” explains Andrew Cammegh. “However, the specific player profile on the Strip has proven that Triple Zero Roulette both drives new player engagement and increases house edge, which is the perfect winning formula.”

In addition to Triple Zero Roulette, Cammegh showcased its product range including the Mercury 360 Roulette with Halo, RRS and Aurora wheels, plus the company’s ever-expanding range of exclusive side bets with the recently launched SpreadBet Baccarat, adding to the family of SpreadBet Black Jack and Roulette. Each of Cammegh’s Spreadbet sidebets were also available to play on the Novomatic booth at G2E having been incorporated fully into the NOVOLINE Unity II ETGs alongside Novomatic’s own range of in-house sidebets.

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