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What is it
A geographically dispersed, interconnected and secure network which enables organisations IT infrastructure, applications and services to communicate effectively. With such a network, organisations can merge mission-critical applications, storage replication and standard data traffic over a single IP infrastructure
Why you need it
To effectively grow your organisations business on a global scale you need to have presence and connectivity to local tier 1 carriers and peering suppliers to provide effective, high performance and resilient B2B or B2C capabilities. With a secure private network there is a full backup capability that will re-route your vital replication and data traffic in the event of an emergency. A dedicated, protected private network guards critical applications from compromises, slowdowns or denial of service.
How we can help you
With a global, MPLS backed global private network, our customers can benefit from a highly resilient platform that is fully prepared for almost any eventuality. Provided with SLAs based on availability, latency and packet loss; enforced on a network-edge to network-edge basis, you can have scalable, flexible access to your IP VPN via access bandwidths ranging from n x 10 Mbps to n x 100 Mbps and all the way to Gbps.
Since the Continent 8 Secure Network Service is fundamentally ‘connectionless’, sites can exchange information without the need to establish fixed links which can therefore help you to scale VPNs more easily, in order to take advantage of distributed hosting requirements. This scalability and distribution can reduce the customer investment in VPN termination equipment and hence reduced support and operational expenses.
Featuring a five Class of Service (CoS) capability, you can converge video, voice and multiple data applications over a single platform, ensuring you get optimal support and differentiation for all your mission-critical applications. The granularity available with the CoS model is vital in allowing the prioritisation of traffic and the tailoring of individual CoS bandwidths to your specific needs.

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