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Designed from first principles, the Australian Design Award winning Microcoin QL introduces leading edge, single or multi-currency discrimination for a host of world-wide coin-op applications.

Operating at up to 10 cps, the QL coin acceptor is a high speed, multi-coin, field programmable device which is packed with features, including “Quick Learn” on-board programming. It can accept up to 12 different coins or tokens at speed without compromising the operation of the validator.

Coupled with comprehensive software support packages, the Microcoin QL provides end-users with a modern, generic coin-op solution which they can maintain in-house.

For “front-entry” applications, the Microcoin QL has its own mounting faceplate, offering a modern, stylish appearance to any machine. However, the same Microcoin QL can also be fitted into a top-entry application with ease by virtue of its industry standard size and mounting pin positions.

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