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Compact and reliable note validator. It provides high detection level, efficient anti-fraud devices and easy maintenance

Alberici Spa offers high-security, reliable and ready to use note validators, with stacker or without it. To see all Note Validators available, please visit our website.

The BillyOne Note Validator, easy and ready to use, can provide a very high acceptance rate of valid banknotes and a remarkable security grade against frauds. Its efficient anti–fishing device, using a smart optic barrier, detects threads and frustrates stringing challenges. The effects of RGB Led illuminated face plate enliven the insertion slot and attract the Users’ attention.

•Protocol interface: ccTalk, Impulsive, ID003, MDB or SAS, easily selected by setting the dip-switch row

•The units detects the power supply value and adapts automatically to it

•Acceptance rate > 95% (acceptance tolerance can be changed by setting the dip-switch row)

•The bill is driven by silicone rollers, so as to provide high security against break-ins

•Compatible banknotes: up to 83 mm width

•Default currency is Euro (from 5€ to 500€), several others available

•Validation speed: 2 seconds, in any of the 4 insertion directions

•Validation by IR spectroscopies and chromatic sensors to combine VHR transparency-based scanning techniques to reflection-based detection systems

•One-touch automatic buttons provide prompt release from bracket or comfortable access to internal parts

•Easy updating thanks to the Programming Kit


Guido Scarpetti & Davide Maurici
+39 051 944300
Via Cà Bianca, 421 – 40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (Bologna) – Italy
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