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Gold Club from Slovenia (Europe) is one of the World’s biggest multiplayer automated electronic roulette manufacturers. After the sale of the electronic roulettes has reached its stable level around the Globe, the company expanded its production to different spheres of the gaming industry. Today multiplayer electronic tables, video slot machines and Casino Systems are playing an important role among the many Gold Club products.

Majority of Gold Club products can be found in the markets of Europe, South America and Asia. However as a global company Gold Club wants to be a significant player in all parts of the world.

Slovenian based company Gold Club is synonym for technically advanced, reliable, secure and aesthetic gaming devices operated by many casinos around the world. Dedicated team devotes tremendous energy to research and develop successful products in four major product lines.

Gold Club has extremely quickly grown with introducing several multiplayer automated roulettes. At that time the only problem of the company was how to satisfy customers by fulfilling all orders. Today Gold Club is still one of the market leaders in production and development of automated roulettes which fulfill expectations from small gaming saloons to big hotel casinos. Ufo automated roulette is world’s bestseller ever and still attracts many customers with new version called Ufo TS.

In recent years Gold Club has produced electronic table games Black Jack, Baccarat, Punto Banco, Poker and Super Bingo. For the Mexican market Gold Club has developed Bingo 21 and Super Bingo machines. Electronic table games include all features as automated roulettes such as bill acceptors, TITO, cashless systems and bring with efficiency and security a new quality for casino operators.

Another important Gold club’s product is video slot machine. With new cabinet and games Gold Club is setting high standards for video slot cabinet design. More than 20 games stand out with beautiful high resolution graphic and excellent sound effects. Games are enriched with bonus games and free spins and are very well accepted on many worlds’ markets. The games can be found in two double screen cabinet with 19’’ or 22’’ wide touch screen monitors. In addition in autumn 2009 Gold Club will introduce slant top cabinet with top 26’’ and bottom 22’’ wide touchscreen monitors.

At the end of product line Gold Club offers casino systems which allow cash-desk operations and also web monitoring of several locations. Systems are successfully running for several years in different locations.

There is no mountain too high, no bridge too far for dedicated Gold Club team. Good relationship with customers is one of key goals for the company. Gold Club has many satisfied customers around the Globe, we call them partners.